Can someone talk me if this is over watering

I see this today in the morning I don’t know if is over water or fan air problem or sick plant please I need help


It looks like under watering.


If you dig down in the soil a couple inches is it damp?

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@low, @Mark0427

What is mean I don’t deep in the soil just checks if is moisture

Thanks so I don’t water in two or three days?

Im sorry but I cant understand this at all.

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@Covertgrower what is the better point to fans to the plants
I was think to get the fan air to the pot no to the plants

@Spiney_norman I said I just touch the soil to see if is moisture

Is there moisture when you stick your finger in your soil he’s asking??


Yes or no?

@ConcreteBudz yes is moisture a little big more that I was expected

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Welcome to the community ! soil looks a little dry I’d give it a drink. Water in a 6 inch pattern around the plant.


Pick up the pot. If its heavy its watered. If its ight it needs water


@kellydans I don’t think need water

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@Dieselgrow1031 yeah is little heavy

Looks can be deceiving. The top can be dry but 3/4 can still be filled with water. I was in a rush yesterday and watered mine and I overwatered cuz I didn’t pick them up to check because the top was so dry. Top doesn’t matter it needs to be picked up until its to big to pick up then you have to go by finger and judging by how the plant looks.


Yeah @Dieselgrow1031 that’s I think what happened I look the soil and is moisture more that I expect

Was it recently transplanted?

Don’t water it then let it dry out with a plant that small you over watered to begin with. You don’t water a ton anyways only a little bit. Never soak the whole pot. Use a pencil pus some holes in the soil let some air get to the roots it should help