Can someone see whats up with my plants?

Question from a fellow grower:

I have 11 girls 1 month into flowering. And one looks bad has yellowing
and the larger leaves are deterorating completely. Pictures are really
hard to use to campare so i can diagnose. Do you know of any books with
actuall pics of real plants to compare mine too. Nutes are b.c. bloom,
magical, awsome bloosom, b.c. boost, and just starting with chaching.
I have a 28 inch
fan blowing over top of a metal fan really powerful and I’ve move the
lights up and what you probably can’t see from the pictures cuz the
pictures are badass it’s got tiny little yellow speckles on the leaves
very hard to see in the picture

Looks like phosphorus deficiency or potassium deficiency, possibly even nitrogen but nitrogen should be lower than P-K, but good shot I bet that’s what it is, just to be sure it may even be an access in nutrients id flush it out and try again

Might even be a zinc deficiency

Hope this helps

Edit: … the garden looks great by the way!

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Here’s another

Have you taken a scope to the underside of leaves to check for mites?


Thanks for your input. But am now prettysurr it was light burn. Only top of the one plant was affeccted. The bottom had no issues. And as bad asthe damage was if it was mites other plants wouldhavebeen inffected. And i did look just too be sure.

Light burn. Have remidied the problem. Thank you all for your help


Glad you for the problem under control, hear is always bad lol my buddy burned his plants that got to close to the light and it tried the top haha got a good laugh at it haha but felt bad cause we had to cut it back and top it

man i have spent HR’s looking for that poster or one just like it with no luck whair did ya get that one frome

If I’m not mistaken it coulda been when I posted it up

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