Can someone see what my plants are suffering from?


Question from a fellow grower:

My seedling leaves are starting to turn purple and they look like they are struggling.
I just moved them outside last week. I’m thinking it could be the cold but I’m not sure.
How can I save my plants?
I believe it is a phosphorus deficiency but I will send pictures
Strain; Type, NA

Soil in pots, Homemade for garden
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? NA

What is strength of nutrient mix? NA

Indoor or Outdoor: indoor for now

Light system, small seedlings in window light

Temps; Day, 60-80. Night, 30-45

Humidity; varies, today was 72%

Ventilation system; kitchen Windows?

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

Co2; no

My problem is I know little about the strain or type of soil they are in. I
started the seedlings inside. As they got their first sets of 2 leaves I
thought I should move them outside so they can get used to the weather.
They were outside for the last like 4-5 days and covered with a trash
bag at night. Now the leaves are purple at points and some are a little
white as well.


I think that you were premature in attempting to harden these seedlings off when your night time temps are still that low. That problem became compounded when the temperature dropped below the dew point and the inside of the trash bag probably became damp.
I would move them inside for a few weeks and try to get more light on them rather than just a windowsill. If none is available, the South windows get the most light in the northern hemisphere and reversed in the Southern.
Hope everything turns out OK. :four_leaf_clover:


I would also remove the zip tie. I understand you’re supporting the long stem, but I would suggest strips of nylon stockings so it will stretch as the stem grows. That zip tie won’t give and will damage your plant.


Thank you very much!


Thanks! I completely missed that in the photo! I knew a lady once who planted dozens of tomatoes and peppers only to see them shrivel up and die. The photos stumped me until I spotted the zip ties choking the seems.
As an aside, I find that you can bend a paper clip so that one end sticks into the pot and the other forms a crook neck to support the plant from falling over. No pressure at all on the stem and you can easily move the support as the plant grows. :alien:


Thank you guys for the tips! Please give me all the advice you can haha!


Also you need to check the PH of the water. You can get one from Amazon for about ten dollars.


All u need to do is bury that stem with ur medium all the way up to the 1st 2 round leaves! This will support the plant and all that buried stem will turn to roots giving the plant what it needs to stay healthy!!!


Just word of caution. If you bury the stem by repotting into a deeper pot, you are essentially placing the live active roots deeper too. Therefore you must be careful not to over water since the new pot may seem dry on the surface but still be wet deep down on the bottom where the roots are now.
I lost several flats of seedlings until I realized that this was the problem and corrected my watering accordingly.