Can Someone’s please help me identify my plants


I have 5 clones and one looks different then the other 4… I have never seen a male before so I’m not sure what I’m looking for… here is the first plant


And then all other 4 look like this


first plant looks like a hermaphrodite to me. pics aren’t very clear so it’s a bit hard to tell. the first set of pics looks to have both male and female flowers. get rid of it before those pollen bags open or it will pollinate all your girls! the second set of pics I can’t see any flowering on yet, still too young I believe.


Yes, I agree with @Drillbit, you’ve got some males in there that need to go ASAP.


Those are balls, best I can tell with the blurry photo.


Thanks, I’ve had the one with the balls on other side of house and far away from others but I’ll dispose of it right away… and keep close eye on other 4… I’m going to go take better pics of the other 4 to post…


Males only contribution is pollen…IF…you want lots of seeds…Let them grow.

Seriously, you could put a male three blocks away and if the wind is right…all your Ladies would be seeded.

ANYTHING EXCEPT…pretty white hairs is NOT desirable. And is male or hermie…NOT desirable.