Can someone please tell me what this is

I was trimming my leaves and found these on one of my plants. They were only on the bottom half and on the top layer of soil. I think I cut off all of the affected leaves but when I checked my other plants, I also found them on one that is just into week 3 of flowering. I treated with triple sec an first bush doctor but they were on every leaf and stem. Can I save this plant? Please tell me what I need to do. I have separated both of these plants from the others and I really would hate to lose the plant pictured here.

Look like Aphids try Captain Jacks Dead Bug spray. Spray both plants


I found some on a few more plants. The bugs I sprayed seem to be dying but I am worried that the amount I’m using might hurt my plants. Are you familiar with Triple Sec or Bush Doctor? How much can these bugs hurt my plant? I am reluctant to even bring them back in the house tonight but then the rest of them will start to flower. I just don’t know what to do…

Maybe try neem oil… If you make a gal, you add 5ml neem and 5ml of dawn dish soap. Mix and spray, just not on the buds directly and not when it’s sunny. Smells like garlic, kills and repels. It doesn’t stay though, so you don’t want to mix more than you can use.

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I went to Lowes and got a spray that’s organic. It has rosemary oil, neem oil, clove oil, and a few other things. Aphids suck to deal with.

Thanks guys. I still have ptsd from 2018 when I killed my entire grow 2 weeks before I was going to flower them. I just happened to see a product at Home Depot that was supposed to add a big boost to plants and it had a picture of a huge tomato on the label. I was under the impression that whatever was good for tomatoes was good for cannabis soI bought it and put a big dose in all of my plants. When I looked at them a few hours later, I knew that I had made a huge mistake. They all appeared to be dying. The first one died in about 24 hours and two weeks later, I finally pulled the plug on the last one which had been my healthiest plant. The more I flushed them the worst they got. I was devastated.

That was my first real attempt and I could not believe I could have done something so dumb. Those plants were so healthy! In 2019 I just did 2 autos, an AK-47 and an Amnesia Haze. Last year I popped 3 regular seeds and got one Bubble Gum over the Finnish line. That has lasted me till now. This year I finally got the courage to try something significant again. I have some plants that are 3 weeks into flower and some that I will begin to flower next month. I have been amazed at how ell it has been goin so far. When I saw those bugs I just panicked. Anyway, I made a need oil solution with dish soap and water for the plants that I have yet to flower. I used Bush Doctor and Triple Sec on the ones that are flowering, thoroughly inspected them and at this point they look like nothing ever happened. But I would appreciate your input going forward. This should be my most successful grow to date if I don’t manage to screw it up. Thanks for your help.

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Was it Shultz? Sounds like the Shultz tomato concentrate I killed 4 plants with 11 years ago.

If they are gone you should be good. Definitely do a bud wash at the end.

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No. It was something called Dr. Earth, Home Grown Pump and Grow. The instructions were simple; pump now, water later. When I went back to water, they were all dying. I think the more I watered, the faster the died.

Anyway, I have some plants that are 4 to 4 1/2 feet tall In 10 gallon pots, that I will flip around August 6, and I have some that are 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 feet tall in 5 gallon pots that I flipped about 3 weeks ago. They are WW’s and SS’s half and half. This is my most promising grow and I had flashbacks of 2018 and panicked. I actually have 2 less plants than the number of seeds I germinated on 4/15, and for me that is a small miracle. I will post any questions that I have from this point on. Maybe this is my year.


Bush doctor is good for mildew, I would use something else for these bugs, maybe neem oil or what you can find at the store… but treat asap and don’t put back in the house!

Good luck

Those are Aphids. This stuff works, it’s available at my local Meijer store in the garden department. I’ve never used it during flowering, but you’re not really that far along.
Spray it every day for about a week, and they’ll be gone.

Any spinosad insecticide should be safe in flower. Captain Jacks Dead Bug is what most recommend on this forum. I’d save the neem oil for veg, you don’t want that all over your buds. Bud wash at harvest, 1 cup peroxide/ 5 gallons water.

Thanks for the input. I used theForce of Nature Insecticide. I know they make fungicide and miticide but their insecticide does say that it works on aphids. I also used this product called Triplesec which is a concentrated insecticide, miticide, and fungicide. I bought products on Amazon about2 moths ago. So I used my Neem oil solution only on the plants that are not flowering yet.

I used both the Bush Doctor insecticide and the Triplesec on the ones that are 3 weeks into flower. Both of these products are supposed to be organic and good for edible plants. I inspected them all this morning using a light and a magnifying glass. I didn’t find any sign of those buggers. Man, when I saw those aphids on my plant, I panicked and got amnesia. It took me a while to remember what I had in my arsenal. Have any of you ever used this Triplesec? I don’t know if it was that or the Bush Doctor Insecticide, but that combination really did the trick.

Just be careful not to over medicate the patient. It sounds like you are trying a little of this and little bit of that. If you are really careful about dose and frequency, especially when going from one to something else, you should be OK. If Captain Jack’s has it on the label that is what I would use.

Good point! Thanks. Hopefully I won’t see those creatures again this year.