Can someone please tell me the best lights in english for white widow autoflowers?

So i had been using regular CFL 100 watts, I had two of those and one green grow lamp 120 watts dome shaped. I noticed the tiny cfl lightbulb was producing nicer plants then the green lamp and I read up and realized the green color is bad after germination. I actually lost one seedling ;(… this picture is about 12 days

Also some of the leaves are developing White on the tips and edges. So i bought some LED equivalent to 100 watts but they dont feel hot enough… Also i have one metal halide light 400 watt but it doesnt work in the regular hanging lamp sockets I got going on… any advice? I would greatly appreciate it.

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Believe you have to buy a ballast for your light. CFL lights are no good for cannabis plant past the seedling stage. The cheap Led’s off amazon will work but not great. A lot of us on here use quantum boards but they are expensive

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I’ve used 100w cfl in the past for seedlings and they work fine but I would use one lamp directly over each seedling.about 6” above since cfl are hard I’ve been using my 135 w hlg at 5’ and there is not much stretching at all no light lean or anything then after a week I start moving down good luck and happy growing


Your 400w MH is ideal for flower but will need a ballast that matches the bulb rating. When you switch to flower just swap the bulb out for the same rated HPS and its game on for the flower


Thank you everyone, the leds have been working okay for now. i have one high sodium light buld but it doesnt work in these light socketss… ill have to order a special socket i guess? but here is the progress since transplant and switc to LED lights one on each plant almost

Thank you the difference is amazing after transplant and switch to LEDS ill get a socket for the metal halide light for flowering time …Thanks!

You need more than just a socket to run the 400 watt HPS or MH, you need a proper ballast like Davyg said earlier. You’ll also need a reflector or cool tube that will have the proper socket in it, then you’ll need to properly cool it as well, here is an example of a ballast:

Thank you so much !!! that was the explanation I needed! The LEDS should be ok for now in veg state for a few wks til I get the MH setup? Is this light ok

Hey i ordered one of these quatum boards someone said it wasnt any good… what do you think?

I mean it will grow weed but I wouldn’t expect huge buds