Can someone please help?

4x4 grow tent ,temp=20c or 68f,humidity 45%,80%soil,20%coco coir,5 plants 3 violator kush,2 bruce banner 3 part nutes 2ml bud fusion ,water 1.5 liter every two days each ,flipped to flower 6 days ago.
2x leds sf2000 (veg for about 9 weeks) (ph 6.2)
all heathy accept one VK,hope someone can help i’ll post pic

Mg deficiency. Cal mag at highest level shown on package for the next few feedings.

What kind of soil?

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The soil is sunshine #4 professional growing mix, with coc, worm castings, vermiculate, and air rocks. We added 1.5 litres of water/nutrient mix (cloth pots) today as it’s feeding day, some water came out the bottom, but it sucked the water/nutrient mix back in. I’ve never seen it do that before, any ideas?

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Use Fox Farm ocean harvest soil, best stuff, made just for growing cannabis. They love it.