Can someone look at this leaf problem?

I was told it was starving for nitrogen , this feeding I’ve fed them 100% bio grow, and no bio bloom, 3 weeks into flower. I dont know how else to get them nitrogen,


Plant in normal light

What is growing medium? And are you monitoring ph in and out?

Ffof, 3 gal soft pots, anything going in is ph 6.5 to 6.8, runoff is 6.6. General organics nutes, per the chart. Yesterday when I watered with epson salts runoff was low 7s for all three plants, first time that has happened, so I watered with epson salts ph 6.3 till I got the run off down to 6.7 6.8. Iprobably close to 2 gals per plant, so I guess I should have fed them after that.

That looks like leaf septoria. If it is, you’ll want to remove affected leaves.

Is that bugs or a fungus?

Here’s some more Picts, 2 did plants


That’s weird because my humidity has never been over 40 rh, temps 77 max, 68 69 lights out

This pic looks like what my plant did when I was around that point of flower. It started spreading quick. I increased my bloom nutes and started adding calmag. It stopped shortly after that.


I’m thinking nitro def, switching from bio grow to bio bloom, cuts the nitrogen in half, so I’m gonna feed bio grow and bio marine for 2 feedings , then water with a lil epson salts, then back to normal bloom feed, but I did cut all the funky leaves off Incase it was a fungus. First grow what to do’s lol