Can someone help me with this question

Im wondering what kind of ventilation system is needed for a small closet grow?

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i have a 600 watt light for two plants

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It can be as simple as a fan allowing intake of fresh air being pulled into one side and allowing It to exit the other side. Imagine closet sliding doors left side where fan is slid open a bit and the right side door is also open a bit allowing the fan blowing towards exit side to move air in and out. Increase opening more or less depending on where your temps/humidity are at.
As far as your light what type is it? LED or other type? Depending on what type they will generate more or less waste as heat. Also depends on what your temps are in your house/ apartment etc as that’s the source of the fresh air.


2 fans. one fan blowing on the top portion of the plant and one fan blowing over the soil. put each opposite of each other. this will help air circulation all around and help keep bugs away from laying eggs in the soil. i put my fans on the top right and bottom left of my grow tent.


i have a 600w light, oh yeah does organic soil need to be treated first? these are autos, i was going to wait two weeks from sprout to give nutes. grow big , then at month tiger bloom. do i need a carbon filter

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Not sure what your asking?

What type of 600w light?
Make model type?

Carbon filter…depends on if you need to control smell

phlizon 600, is that decent?

i just planted seed in the soil, no slow release. Is that ok

The light is actually only 100 watts draw from the wall even though it states 600 watts that is the potential based on the led diodes they use etc. it will work fine for seedlings and early veg but if you want to grow more than one plant and want that plant to get thick dense buds that light isn’t the ticket.
Search here for grow lights there are many posts that you can read to better understand things.

Not sure what you mean by no slow release? Is that relating to some soils that have those nutrient balls that release slowly like miracle grow?

thank you

Hi Smigitty you should always have a fan to bring air in so you can screen it to keep bugs out. If you just have fan sucking air out to bring air from an opening you risk bringing the bugs in and they just love soil, you still need a couple of normal fans inside as well set it properly from the start and make your air in fan smaller than the out, 6 in 8 out or a 4 in 6 out and if you get a controller it will keep adjusting the speed of the fans so the temp is always about what you set. Another thing I do is take the driver off the lights and put them outside of tent when it starts coming into summer and put them back in winter hope this helps you good


Well said!

Thanks if that well said was for me

thanks, this is my first indoor grow, i will get better lights if this one sucks

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Yep most will upgrade their light once they learn more about them and growing. Many on here have lights in drawers or on shelves they don’t use anymore. At least not for flowering.
As your growing in a small closet you probably won’t need much in the way of fans but as your grow grows larger lol you’ll want to invest in more air flow etc etc etc.

Btw I have bugs in my soil and I’m loving them. Good bugs and bad bugs and I’ve got the good ones that came from my worm bin.

Yep mort great idea on moving the drivers if needed to control heat.

Hope this helps and keep feeding your cannabinoid system.

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Hi Smigitty

Suck enough air to keep around 71 deg F at the top of your product.

The closer the light the more air you need to move.

Then you find the problem becomes the amount of light (PPFD) you need to control. It will display in a different aspect in the leaf.

Not both - simplify the equation by removing a variable.


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