Can someone help me with my set up?

Question from a fellow grower:

I’m in a spot. My garage became
my location for growing. I have a 5x5 Gorilla tent. I cool my lights
(two 400 watts, blue-red combo) with a closed flow-through system which
pulls air from the garage and exhausts their heat through the wall to
the outside.
My problem is heat in the tent.
I’m in Sonoma County, northern California.
Last summer (first and only crop so far) I had to insulate the
garage, which brought the daytemp down 10 degrees. So if its 80 outside
it’s about about 72 in the garage environment. (Ceiling and wall were
blown in insulation. Hard insullation on the main door).
It just doesn’t seem possible to get daytime, lights-on temps into
the 70s. (I see these indoor systems that are huge and wonder how the F*
do they cool that enough??
But it would still get too hot, I’m basically cooling it
with air the same temp as in the tent. I ended up switching my
day/night cycles. As a newbie I’ve made every mistake possible, and I
lost faith in who I was studying…(NOT you
In your opinion can I switch the day/night cycles for coolings sake and not destroy my yields
At night I can barely keep it in the 70’s.
I had hoped I could pull in air from under the house, but access is a nightmare.
Panel airconditioners are a grand at least. I have solar, so electicity is not so much a problem.
MaybeI should consider one of those wall air conditioners.
I need my Medical M.!
I need a new perspective on my issue. I’ve run out of ideas.

I think you’re right on track with your idea about an air conditioner -best wishes

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Yes, you can do that ndnot loose any of your crop.
I have done it many times… I picks lights out at 7am. And on 7pm I’m in NE Tenn
Hope this helps and keep us posted…ok

And Welcome to ILGM


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If you go with an AC unit, most likely you will need a humidifier, AC will take the moisture out of the air.

IMO You would better off buying a small ceramic heater with a thermostat control (as I did cost me bout $20) you can set it to kick and out and keep your tent at whatever temp you decide you want.
much cheaper option than buying a wall aircon.
Ofcourse switch your light cycle to nights on daytime off.