Can someone help me out?

Hey guys I’m new here and fairly new to growing with nutes. My problem is I have a northern lights auto and it seems to be struggling. When I feed nutes the ph was at 6.4, ppm going in was 910, cool, so I waited 2 days then gave regular ph water at 6.5, (ppm out of my tap is 250) runoff ph at 6.2 and ppm was 650. Is this okay or does the run off ppm need to be higher. My plant is 37 days old. Light on the green color and always looks like it needs watering, I water 1.5 liters every other day and get about 3 shots worth of runoff.

Looks like it might be a little to much water! Transplant to different containers and look at your roots to see if they are healthy. If you see mold or brown darkening roots then it could be getting root rot.

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What kind of soil are you using and amendments??? Type and size pot???

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I’m using happy frog soil and gh liquid nutrients. When I do water and feed the plant stands up and looks better that day but the next she looks like the photo

3 gallon fabric pots

Decent soil! Pots could be bigger 5/7 gal size or she could get root bound easily.

I’m growing in a closet so that’s not an option unfortunately. Less water? More nutes? Less nutes? I really don’t know

Again it looks to be in too small a pot. If she looked perfect I’d still uppot. If your space won’t handle a 5/7 gal pot your space is too small!

Okay I’ll try it out.

Dont know if this is your problem but it in itself is a problem and at best it could cause a bigger problem very soon. I suggest you fill one of those questionnaires and we can see what’s going on here for you.


Not saying anyone is wrong here but, I have two photos going in 3 gallon pots next to 3 other 5 gallon pots. Just to see if I could cram my tent with a bunch of 3 gallon pots. I am chopping down tomorrow and I never ran across that problem. Iam just trying process of elimination here.

I gotta say I agree with @Audiofreak I think you’re watering too much. You dont need that much water. Try to stop watering until your soil looks and feels dry. I’ll bet she starts standing up over the next few days if you do.

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You can grow in 3 gal pots (I have) but it was small got root bound in early flower, and just didn’t do well and the smoke wasn’t very good. And I had a lot of watering issues (over and under). I believe when beginning this hobby one’s plant husbandry should tilted toward what the plant needs not us.

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My 3 smaller clones are in 3 gallon pots, they get 1 litre every 3 days - !.25 if I want run off. Mine are 2 weeks in flower.
I’d suggest letting them dry right out - more than you think you should. Water them up - slowly (water will want to run off), water to run off and maybe lift your pots a little in the tray - just in case the water release is slow.
Best of luck mate. :v: :sunglasses:

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Thanks guys I transplanted it into a 5 gal. And I’ll let the plants dry for 2 days instead on one. The only reason I watered every other day is because the soil on top was dry as a bone and really light weight when I pick her up but I’ll let her go one more day to dry and see if that does the trick.

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You want to let it go more th en that probably. Let her get real dry. Then when she’s standing up again, water till run off. Pick up and feel the weight. Then keep picking it up. When it’s super light. Water. You might not need to water for days and then turn around and water every day.

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Did you add any perlite to the soil??

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