Can someone help me find out what kind of nutrient issue I am having

My plant is on day 17 from sprout in a 5 gallon fabric pot with ffof soil. I have been watering between 6-7ph with an avager of 2-4 cups every other day the first 2 weeks and now abouta gallon every 2-3 days


I ended up cutting the first set of leaves off that we’re the worse

Way too much water for a plant that small, over watering is your problem, you are keeping the roots and soil too wet causing all sorts of issues. let the soil dry up really well before giving any more water, pick up the pot, don’t water til it feels really light, I bet it’s quite heavy right now. When you do water again, it only needs like a cup every 3-4 days til it gets much bigger.


You cut the top leaves or bottom?

Ok I will give less watering a try. Thanks guys.

@Zee I ended up cutting the bottom set yesterday, (it was the first set of leaves that formed from sprouting)


A plant that size don’t need more than a pint of water every 3 days and that would be watering in a 6 inch circular pattern. As @Hellraiser mentioned Soil saturated roots cannot get no oxygen. Need pot to dry out.


Agreed way to much water. Its not growing cause its suffocating and causing nutrient deficiency cause it can’t take any in. I squeeze all around the potbto loosen the dirt up akd maybe let it get air or fabric pot put small fan beside it after still loosening the dirt