Can someone help me? About trimming


Question from a fellow grower:

can you please look at my two attached plants and
tell me what leaves I should trim to help the bushy one grow up and the
tall one get bushier. The are two different types the bushy one is a
gorilla grape and the tall one is a sherbert .


You can “top” the tall plant to help make it bush out (look up “topping cannabis”).
As for the bushy plant, I would recommend a “lollipop” prune (look up “lollipop weed”, and not real lollipops lol).
But, I also recommend reading up on the topic of “defoliation”. Understand the techniques before using them, it really helps to do your research so you make the best decision for your grow.


I competely agree with @ktreez420

That I as very well put ktreez420 great job. P.S. How you been buddy



I’m doing good @garrigan62 , thanks for asking! I appreciate it.
Just put a girl into flower, waiting on seeds to come, you know, the normal haha
How about you man? How’s life going?


It’s a do’n. O just did another harvest and started another 15 or so seeds
One is. 8 Ball and Sour Grape also Panama Red,. Acapulco Gold Supper Skunk Auto
Plus making coffee tables and nf tables



@garrigan62 awesome strains you have there! I’ve got super skunk feminized and they are blowing the doors off some of my other strains! My purple wreck just reached 7 feet in height yesterday. It’s only 8 weeks old now!


Topping the tall one to make it bushier, is a no-brainer.

I would just let the little one grow naturally since you are outdoors.

Perhaps you should read up on “super-cropping” I think that would work for you :slight_smile: