Can someone explain to me how to get dense buds



@Hogmaster @Dr.DankThumb420 @MBgrower Hello my growers n friends, long time no post!!! I have a question, i have been trying to figure out this grow how to get denser nugs. I see on the internet and when i am looking up new strains, photos of hard nugs from strains that say that they are fluffy!? So iv droped the humidity under 30 and i have 5x5-7ft with 2 650watt led and 1 (315 or something like that) cmh and i have tweaked my growing sceduial adding more nutes with minnimal burn. Idk if i need to go with hps or if its my nutes?? Or what am i doing wrong? Any advice helps! Thanks!
Btw in the pictures the strain is powerplant
Here are some pics (3 weeks left till harvest)


@Happygogojuice They look like they still have a ways to go I’ve noticed with my LEC 630 W ( equivalent to thousand W ) going to that from LEDs I’m getting a lot more dencer nugs I would say light it wants more but they look fabulous what are you using for medium and what Nutrients You can also use your LED still for side lighting


I am growing white widow auto and my bud varieties look like yours. Some have gigantic buds and others have fluffy nuggets… I would like to know the answer to your question as well! :slight_smile:


What is a LEC 630 w
Inquiring minds want to know


Cmh 630 w with 2- 315 w Phillips bulbs

  1. Check your light spectrum. On my Timber GL Vero27 redwood LED I have 3000 k but in flowering it helps to have a higher distribution of warmer (red) wavelengths, more at 1700 k. You may think about adding red light.
  2. UV light — i think this has more to do with trichomes, but obviously you want those too. LEDs dont provide much uv light unless your rig is equipped with one. A lizard lamp from a pet store will work.
  3. Co2 and temp– want weight? Add more carbon for your plants, up the co2 in the air with a tank, regulator and monitor. Don’t waste time on bags or dangerous burners.
  4. Humidity— 30% humidity is starving your plant of its maximum growth potential. This forces the plant to draw more water from the soil and close its stomata, reducing its co2 and gas exchange. Look at this VPD chart for optimal growing.
    Match the Temp and humidity in the green zones, your humidity is really low based on any temperature in the chart! If youre really worried about bud rot, keep it 50-60 you’ll be fine.

Your buds look nice though, I wouldn’t say you’re producing airy buds by any means.


I see! Thanks for the reply! So light is a big factor i will keep that in mind thanks! Do you think i should just do straight cmh and toss the leds or? Also, im using generial hydroponic nutreince. And they are hydroponic (i just did not show it). In addition, what week do you think they are on? I have it down on week 5 so i droped the grow nutes. But here is a look at how i Scheduled it cheers


Hi thanks for replying! i did not do a good job of explaining my set up but i have 2 full spectrum platnumled 600watt bars and 1 315 chm and its hydroponic (powerplant strain). i always thought the leds gave off a lot of red light i mean it looks that way to me when they are on. i have never gave thought to adding co2 since i use fans as a way to pump air out of my tent into my gradge then i have a fan pumping air out of the gradge to the outside( its a getto set up but it works. in addition, i normally keep it around 77-64 temp and humidity 50-40 but the chart is telling me to go for 65-60. thanks thought i will mess around with that chart! the only reason why i thought it was good to have 30 humidity is beacuse i read that it produces more terpines and tricomes but now i will fix the humidity back! thanks so much!


I grow organically so all my compost is my nutrient schedule as I water, not sure about scheduling as even when I messed with nutrients I stuck to a basic 3 part and used bloom boosters the last few weeks. The schedule looks good and so do your plants so you’ll figure it out, but yeah spectrum of light is important in flowering, which is why CMH deliversdenser nugs with superior wavelength, and why HID is more common for veg.


organic is lit! i only grew soil once and it was ok but i got budrot beacuse i legit live right next to the ocean so the humidity is trash outside but soil and mixing you’r own compost is what i want to try to get into next for sure, its more complicated for me for some reason than hydro. but! i have Philips 901573 4200K Master Color 942 Cdm Elite Mw, 315 W, Lamp and Philips Master 3100K GreenPower Elite Agro CMH Lamp, 315 Watt, T-12 for the Cmh. i am using the 4200k for flowering and 3100k for veg am i doing that correctly?
also thanks for the input! i never knew a lot of what you were saying!


yea autos are a whole another story i need to read up on lol and i allways think that its not worth it beacuse of the yeld size but. i only have done photo fems!
love WW btw!


Yeah no co2 for you. The more optimal temp and humidity is, the better your plant respirates gas exchange, the faster it grows. The more optimal the light, the denser the nugs. The more optimal you water, the faster the growth. Optimal pH and nutrients: bigger buds. Organics ensure proper nutrient uptake and reduce pH danger. Hydro, coco, and synthetically adding nutrients opens up the plants to more error, plain and simple. But, nutrients exchange faster in water than soil, plain and simple, so with Hydro, the risk is worth it in my opinion. But, The only way to grow soil is organically, just my opinion because synthetic nutrients kill beneficial bacteria in the soil. Back to the lights. Cheap LEDs that shine blurple/pink dont provide as full a spectrum as an LED transmitting white light, typically COBs. Theres a lot of debate on this with growers but COBs are better, there is science and grow trials to support this.


yeah hydro is sick! i love it and ill def look into the white leds! thanks for the info on that!


Timber grow lights are expensive but well worth it. Redwood (6Cobs) is a must for anything 5x5 foot size grow space. Vero cobs are most efficient per watt and cheapest, and company rep told me they exclusively use Vero cobs for their grows in San Diego, CA. You can get away with 4-5 cob led’s in a 4x4 but for a good harvest I’d say 6 cob leds for 4x4 or 5x5. Timber Grow Lights make custom builds for size accommodations too, check the sizes before you buy, these light rigs are big and heavy, mine is 40 lbs and well built. No fans, just solid heat sinks.

Quantum boards by Horticulture lighting group (HLG) are good too and they can be cheaper but not by much and Vero is better in my opinion. Again 400w-600w for 4x4 and 600w+ for 5x5


hmmm i see, redwood’s look sweet! i will definitely invest in them in the future! 3000k for vegetative? and 3500k for flower ? or would you just do led veg and CMH flower? or a combo at the end with the red chicken lamp as well?


@Happygogojuice I’ve always wondered the same thing because when I would pick up weed from my dealer it’d sometimes be so dense and smell so dank and I would wonder why my home grown wasn’t quite the same. Lots of great information reading through this. Thank you everyone!

P.S. - Those buds look beautiful btw :wink:


On their website it says the 3500 can do both. I might add some cfl or other to the flower stage


Yeah 3000-3500 can do both, 1700 is definitely in the flower range. These wavelengths are warmer, and you might even find some warmer CFL’s like the other grower suggested or invest in one of the smaller ‘chibs’ or double cobs down the road as well. I’m going to speak to their rep Dan about a custom build for some extra flower power in my next grow.

Again, I’ve even seen UV lizard lamps in action and they seemed to help with trichome and resin production. I really am interested in adding some UV light as well.


no, that is backwards, use the 4200k for veg and the 3100k for flower.!!

HLG Quantum Boards and COB’s r the best lighting right now,
i love my new 135w QB’s,they seem to out do 400w HPS,
i have a 4000k on the veg side and a 3000k and 4000k on the bloom room


Got a tad technical for me so I admit, I have not read all of the above but I did read the OP.

I grow with mostly cheap amazon china lights (galaxy hydro 300w led lamps) and my grows (4) have all produced buds as dense as they can be for the most part. I added some citizen cobs to this most recent grow plaus 3 GH cheapo lights and my buds have never been more dense.

Not sure what it all adds up to but I am living proof, you don’t need the best most powerful light you can afford. Just FYI