Can someone explain the radical difference in 2 clones from the same mother

I’m finishing my 8th grow and 7th with at least 3 Trainwreck plants each time. They usually always look like this.

I’m growing 4 clones from the same mother and I’ve never seen such a almost completely different looking plant than the others.

This plants pistils look so different than any Trainwreck I’ve grown.
Don’t get me wrong I think it looks wicked and are probably going to be the great body high Trainwreck is for me using edibles.
I keep the pH in range per basically every good grower here and the Bible’s advice.
I have a great soil mix that uses Ocean Forest as a base. It’s grown about 75 plants with great success.
I have great light thanks to @dbrn32. And I’m about to start running an even better setup thanks to @TDubWilly
I don’t over-water. Learned that lesson real quick on first grow.
I use the same nutrients as I have since day 1 and learned how to hit the sweet spot with them in veg and flower due to reading posts from people like @garrigan62, @Donaldj,@Hogmaster, @Countryboyjvd1971.
I usually don’t do mass tags, because I do a lot more reading than posting. I’m just really curious to know if this is going to be Badass weed.
@Aolelon @Covertgrower @Niala @raustin

Looks like you’re doing everything right, so there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be great weed. You’re doing a great job.

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The differences could be environmental to the different times during the growth stage. Including where on the plant you took the clone from. Example, the lower branches genetically are programmed to grow differently than a top branch. I’m pretty much shooting in the dark with these hypothetical answers here. But seem pretty reasonable. So if anyone has a better answer, then by all means. @skgrower


Yes, what branch the clone came from would make a difference in the plant.

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I’m pretty sure they’re all 4 bottom clones. I usually cut the bottom 1/3 out so I can avoid the pain issues of maintaining that lower part. They are about 3 1/2 weeks apart on flowering. I’ve just never seen such wicked looking pistils all curled and the like. I grow 8 different strains for the various things they’re supposed to help with medically and none have had pistils that look like this. I’m about to add LSD and Critical Mass to the mix. @raustin


Hey, you might want to remove the first couple of pics.