Can someone explain ilgm's predicted grow times

so i know every seed bank is different but here on ilgm when looking at a strain it telks the grow time…with it saying grow time does that mean seed to harvest or are they still meaning flowering time? i know the plant will be the 1 to determine when its ready but idk i guess just wondering for my general knowledge


Flowering time under optimum conditions…


With autos you’ll be done 10-14 weeks total regardless of what they claim and photos is up to you but typically 7-10 weeks AFTER you flip it


Most of the info on the autos is updated to grow time, seed to harvest. Photos is flower time.

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My first (and only) auto harvest on 4 plants was: 2@10.4 weeks, 1@11.2 weeks and 1@12.0 weeks

You’ll convince yourself that they look like they are ready @ 7 or 8 weeks… but they are not! The extra 2 to 3 weeks are crucial for density and trichome development but plods along agonizingly slow. Like waiting for water to boil.


ILGM has “10 weeks from seed to harvest” plastered all over the sales website.
Technically true that you could harvest at 10 weeks but may not be very happy.
Like @VirginiaGrowBoy , I have had autos ready in 70 days and I have had them go 94 days.


Flowering time is under perfect conditions. I generally add 2 weeks to what the Breeder says the flower time is.


Start off with hott water it boils alot faster lol. Some say do it the opposite but in my experience hott water gets hot faster than cold water lol. Now on freezing cubes hott water will freeze faster than cold. Weird but true. In my experience so far with photos or autos plan on a week or 3 longer than what their times say in flower so autos say 8 weeks figure atleast 9 to 11 on them ones and possibly longer dependant upon what u want in trich color. Hell u could be D Trump rich and have the best grow area out then I’d say ur right in the times they post but so far to knowledge everything for times is in flower if u get a plant to finish start to finish in 10 weeks and it says it a 10 week start to finish plant then u did something amazing lol. I don’t think I’ve seen one person pull plants according to manufactures specs it’s always 1 to 3 weeks longer or more if sativa strains can go 16 weeks in flower


I stand corrected. I have not been on ILGM’s store site since I bought the Jack Herer autos. They had it at 9 week flowering then.

I’ve grown as a grower (funny that, huh?) and I am currently only in the market for regular seeds.


I would love to expand my seed collection outside of the ILGM scope. Their guarantees are what have me hooked :joy:. But when I get a few more grows under my belt…

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All weed takes at least 7 weeks to flower so when you do autos know that it’s 7-9 weeks average from when the pre flowers show. 11-13 weeks average from sprout to chop. No different than a photo really as far as flowering time itself.

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ok…im at about 12 now

I have some autos from ilgm on week 16 right now with still a week or 2 left on them

oh wow, lol i dont think my ladies could even handle that much longer

Dutch passion, barney’s, fastbuds, and recently I’ve started liking pyramid seeds genetics(they do a lot of crosses like white widow x black widow= Nefertiti)

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Do autos grown under cold air and soil (62 F) conditions take longer? Or is the regular time just ingrained in their genetics regardless of temperature?

The ruderalis strain that makes up the auto of the genetics is a northern strain. I am currently looking for regular seeds for the Siberian ruderalis.

While the areas they are grown in are known for their colder climates, the plants themselves only grow for a few months out of the year when it warms up. That and the fact that the other parent(s) tend to like a warmer climate, you should try to keep the temps over 75F. If you don’t the plant might not perform both in yield and potency.