Can someone diagnose this?

Coco needs to be moist at all times. I recommend if you’re gonna continue growing in coco that you plan on transplanting a couple times. You want them in small pots because you should be watering/feeding to runoff daily in coco and it won’t hurt your plants if you’re in the right size pots. You can’t overwater coco but you can mess up a lot of things by letting it dry out.
I go from plugs to solo cups to one gallon pots and then to their final pot :v::bear:

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Can I do this also with autos as far as transplanting? Or will it stress them to much? Another question I’m pondering for future grows with coco is autopots? I wonder if coco will work in auto pots?

With autos I would go with solo cups until they have 3-4 nodes and then transplant to the forever pot.