Can SOMEBODY help me out ... PLEASE?


I’ve been scouring the internet looking for some nice oils that I can consume with a vaporizer.
I just ordered my vaporizer a day or two ago (I’m fairly sure it was the PAX3 vaporizer that I ordered.)
But all the oils I’m seeing do not lead me to believe that they will induce a nice buzz. :frowning:

Apologies if I’m being brain-dead …yet again.
I anybody had time to clue in the clueless I would be MOST appreciative.

Thank you all my dear friends …


just make your own


I don’t think you can buy THC products on the internet. You can buy CBD oil, . . . even right here on ILGM. Do you live in a state that’s legal for recreational or medical marijuana?


Okay well, I have some tangie dream oil that will mess you up so there are oils and waxes that are dynamite but you can’t purchase them online. Not even here in Maine with legal recreational use. You need a connection Brother, pure and simple.



@bob has a great recipe I do believe


oh yeah and easy to make your own vape juice. But you can’t buy OIL that contains THC as it is against federal law. CBD oil / vape juice / tincture is legal most everywhere and is available online. It has only trace amounts of THC in it however.

Grown your own. Extract it into the vape juice of your choosing and enjoy! Check out the topic that @hogmaster posted it is full of great info! @timoteus