Can some of the flowers go to seed and some not on same plant

I have female non hermaphroditic flower plants that are going to seed somehow. We are outdoor and about to harvest. But not all my plants have gone to seed and it seams that some of the plants has have gone to seed have seeds in some flowers but not other flowers on the same plant. Is this possible? How is possible? I don’t want to physically hurt the buds to find out. They are stacked to tight to see in all the flowers.

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One can find a seed or two in a female plant which is not a hermie. Consider it ( a seed) a gift from the plant

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OK here ya go …

The exact process of cannabis seed feminisation has been a secret for many years. The principle is straightforward. Female plants can be stimulated to produce pollen in such a way that the pollen is regarded as ‘female pollen’. The female pollen is used to pollinate a female plant which then starts producing seeds. The seeds produced by this method are feminised – they give rise only to female plants.

As an additional benefit the feminised marijuana seeds tend to give rise to more uniform plants than regular seed. For the experienced growers feminised seeds have simplified life. To the new grower, feminised cannabis seeds are the only way to go. Growing top quality strains of cannabis has never been as easy, just choose the strain, plant the seeds and ensure ample light and sufficient nutrients.

@Iris I believe i this is what jss happens to your plant. As s matter of fact. It did!


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