Can some leaves be used in vaporizers?

I was wondering if some leaves be used in vaporizers or mixed in brownies. Any medical benefits to help with my migraine headaches. Pot is expensive to buy, I did try growing 3 plants this year…so far…so good! 1st time grower and I’m an old granny mighty sick of pain pills. The plants are just starting to flower a couple weeks ago, hope the frost doesn’t hit before harvest time…

I hope the frost doesnt hit either. What srate are you in ?

Northern Minnesota. Has anyone tried mixing in the leaves don’t they have no benefits?

Very little benefits with leaves. You could make a tincture with alcohol and leaves… Ive heard you can then rub on your body to relieve arthritis pain. It wont get you high however its is as good as a tylenol…

Thanks for the response, not looking to get high…just some headache relief. Is there a recipe somewhere for the alcohol and leaves? Might work on my head when ax picks hammer my temples.

I use this on my tomatoes and chilies
Hang a large plastic bag or light tarp over the plant this will give it a air pocket
I run a stake down the plant and have about a foot if possible above the top of the plant and put the clear tarp over that you can then tie the corners out if you want too.
I put these on when the weather web site says frost over night.
I use cheap emergency ponchos they are $2 at the cheapo shops and drop the hood on the stake they last me over the winter too. I have pink ones atm no clear at the shop lol looks cool like the cow level :slight_smile:

Smoking leaves doesn’t work for me unless its the sugar leaves early flower will have little effect

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Great idea, I’m heading to the cheapo store😎

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