Can Promix be used with ILGM nutes?

From a fellow grower: when using Promix BX as a medium do you recommend the Bergman’s plant food from ILGM over the GH Floraseries nutrients? If you recommend the GH nutrients, can I just get the floramicro, grow and bloom or is it necessary to get all nutrients listed?

I would pick one brand that offers a complete line of nutrients. In this case, sorry ILGM, I would pick GH because they have a complete line supported by a detailed feeding schedule. They also tend to be locally available.


Hard to beat GH in Promix.


I’ve used Roots they also work well. I have never tried the ILGM offering so I can’t give an opinion there. Maybe contact ILGM to see if they recommend them in ProMix.

Absolutely works great

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