Can planted popped seeds be too cold to emerge?

My first set of autos emerged from the dirt in maybe 4 days. It was 75 degrees.

However, second set has yet to emerge and it’s been 7 days

I am letting these emerge in the basement this time where it is about 60 degrees.

Does temperature of the soil affect how fast they emerge?


It DEFINITELY does. I hate germinate’n seeds in winter because my grow is ~15 degrees cooler on average. From seed pop to lights on.

Always germ seeds between 75-85… and honestly weed grows at higher temps then advertised too.

Haha reading ur message again ur in the same boat with me. A solid 15 degree swing. Find a cable box/ pc vent to use. Itll go a long way


I won’t even try to pop a purchased seed after Oct.


If u have somewhere warm to put them it should pop

Seedling heating mats are effective and inexpensive. ACInfinity makes some at a reasonable price.


@CMichGrower , Wow, what a great idea

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Heat mat and humidity dome never fails


Yeah as @CMichGrower mentioned The heated mats work great To up soil temperature. Good luck

This combo here

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All I can say at this point is only 2 have opened up the other 2 look weak as crap. Might be a dead loss to chalk it up to a learning experience

I had to literally dig down to 2 of these that are shown, just to get them to the surface to see the light. It didn’t help that by chance I planted them slightly deeper this go round. I think one will now make it, not sure about the other.

Lesson learned.