Can other species of plants pollinate marijuana?

Im wondering if other pollinating plant species can pollinate marijuana? Like other flowers and dandilions?

Great question

You could see a hemp plant grown for industrial hemp or hemp flower cross pollinate with your plants but not anything from an unrelated species

I’m not an expert or anything, but high school biology would suggest it is not possible. Plants would most assuredly have to be in the same family. More than likely it would have to be of the same species. In this case that would be:

There was a study done in the 40’s where Humulus (hops) were grafted into cannabis stocks and produced cannabis resin, which I think is pretty interesting.


I know some micro brewery’s that would be interested in that research


Imagine crossed with a coconut tree, some serious nugs!


no,but someone is probably ‘working on it’ as we type…:>(

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Was just wondering this because I’ve successfully cloned my first perennial, which was way harder than cloning cannabis btw! It will be living the tent life until next spring, thinking it could flower before then and was worried about pollen. Thanks for sharing the info above :+1:t3:

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If there aren’t already there will soon be GMO strains. Aside from a huge anti GMO crowd it’s a more precise way of going about it. Those designer strains will out perform natural strains just like they do with fruits and veges today.,pollination%20is%20a%20major%20threat.guess what guys cannabis plants can be cross pollinated by other plants have a look at this link i put up