Can one tell from seedlings which type of cannabis plant it is "(like sativa or indica)"

I got seeds from weed bag that i bought from!!!

I, myself would just ask one simple Q. What kind is it to the person, they should know.

I dealt with that many years ago, like 20 or more, for me it was brick weed, compressed to no end and broken seeds. Also there was no name/ strain along with it.

So if you have no way of finding out then I would ask, Is it good, look good, smell good, how many seeds per what you got, these things will help, to a certain degree, but wont give you a positive answer.

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Fatter leaves typically says indica and skinny says sitivia hard to tell when so little cause they will get bigger as the plant grows up. In a few weeks it might be easier to tell.


This is a strange question and that’s why I’d like to take a shot at replying. I order my seeds so I always know what strain I’m growing. If you ordered seeds, sprouted them and they grew into seedlings they all look the same if they’re healthy. Give it a couple of weeks and look for rounder leaves that will be Indica and long leaves that come to a point that will be Sativa. But that’s if they are dominant strains one way or another. Its very rare to find a pure Indica or Sativa and when you do the seeds are very expensive. The seeds you buy these days are all hybrids of both and even if you get a Indica dominant strain the gene for long pointed leaves could be still showing from the Sativa part. I specialize in growing OG Kush among a few other strains and they usually have long pointed leaves even though that strain is Indica dominant. I sell these Buds to my medical customers for their great pain relief but because the THC levels on these Buds max out for me sometimes (yes, I have my Buds lab tested) at 35%! they give me that uplifting soaring high known for Sativa dominant strains. So I recommend growing them out and smoking the Buds from the “mystery” seeds you got and see how you like it. Try taking some clones from them before you put them into flower just in case they’re a winner!

I only take clones from my experimental strains just in case I like the results but all my commercial plants start from seeds because I like to give my customers (patients) the most potent effects possible they’re looking for. Potency is a strange thing however and many people actually reduce the potency of their Buds in zee trimming process. We use Tom’s Tumble Trimmers and they’re wonderful automated dry trimmers because nothing sticks to them and all our Buds come out looking hand-trimmed with ALL their trichomes and resin still in tact on the Buds and trim we sell for extraction.

So even if you are careful about which strain you are growing you still have to be careful in the trimming process so you don’t lose a lot of those trichomes and resins because if you do, your Bud will feel like “wheelchair weed” even when it could have turned out mind-blowing fantastic if you had’a trimmed them more carefully with the right machine. If you’re a hobby grower don’t trim them at all and that way you can really tell how you like the effects your Buds are giving you.

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