Can my plants survive?


Question from a fellow grower:

I am in desperation mode here!! I need help!
I went away for a week
camping trip and before hand I started using nutrients 2-2-2 and watered
very heavy before leaving. This plant was a Hercules before and had no
worries, but my other plant was looking stunted. Upon my return a total
and complete reversal of plant health. This one is really bad and when I
got back I continued the nutrients and every day it looks worse and
worse with leaves curling and turning yellow, drying up. Here’s some
photos of both plants. Any advise?


What is the plant potted in?
You may be giving it more food than it needs if the soil is filled with nutrients already.

Also, what is the pH? Of the water you use and the fertilizer mix? It should be 6.5. It could be a pH burn.


You burnt it badly with nitrogen . When ever a plant shows deficiencies never continue to feed it with nutrients , you only want to flush the soil with three times (3X)'s the size of the pot with PH water to remove the high volume of salt build up that could in the soil . Now what I do is start by ph’ing the soil by measuring the run off first , and once I get the right level of ph in the run off , I used that ph number throughout the whole veg , and raise by one each watering in flower and than reduce it back to where I started in grow , does this make sense ? Veg 5.8 from when plant sprouted , than from 5.8-6.0 throughout vegging . Than in flower 6.0-6.5 by raising my ph number by one each watering for six weeks , and than I reduced if back to 5.9 from 6.5 from week six in flower thru the last three weeks of bloom and the two weeks in flushing.