Can my budding plants go back into a vegetive state

So I’m out of state so can’t see plants but my husband said they look like they are reverting back to a vegetive state.

Can this happen? If we didn’t harvest soon enough can they revert? And one more thing, I say that the buds were ready when I left, my honey said no that he isn’t going to cut them until the hairs turn Amber. They are white widow hydro’s.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Yep. Plants can do anything weird.

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Yes they can Revert back into veg if they’re not under 12/12 light cycle as long as you have them under at least a 12/12 light cycle they should continue to flower depending on how many weeks you are into flour and your light schedule

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But your hubby is right the pistols wI’ll turn redish brown before it’s tI’m to harvest it’s best to harvest off the tricomes

So I just got home. It is the greenhouse plants that are reverting not our hydroponic’s. Should I find some way of covering them so they get only 12 hours of light? And what adverse effects will going back into veg have, if any, on the quality of the harvest? It is just so weird. Thank you for any input.

So I know what happened. I started these 2 AK47’s inside when it was still too cold outside. I had them on 24 light. When it got warm enough I transplanted them into their forever pots. I was kind of surprised when they started flowering but can see clearly now that the light schedule made them go into flowering and as the days got longer they got really confused and are now growing leafs out of the tops of the buds. :smirk::confounded: So should I just leave the plants alone and the growth out of the tops of the buds will go back onto flowering? Will the buds already on them still be good once, and if, the new growth goes into flowering this fall? I definitely have to stake the stems up because the existing buds are big and heavy. I sure hope these plants can be saved!!! Any thoughts or suggestions are really appreciated. Thank you.