Can light from plug strip hermie plants

I just realised that my plug strip, is inside my tent. at lights out the plug strip light remains on. ( Orange in color) could this cause my plants to hermie.


Uh huh


I agree, can and has. See if you can cover the light with electrical tape or something. Or move strip to outside of grow.


boys are definitely on point here @Saint


Thank you, all for the input… I hope it’s not to late… I will take care of it on lights on…


This can be an interesting debate if you think about it but right now I have 2 flower spaces in each is a cord with a Led light in it to indicate power been nearly a year running this configuration. During that time have had one plant hermi and I was warned the strain was prone to it if not harvested early during it’s harvest window. That being said have had no others and have to say it greatly depends on intensity and location of the light source plants can only use light if it has enough intensity otherwise moonlight stars and the odd vehicle driving by would mess up outdoor grows everywhere. As a general rule no light is best and light leaks can be a problem if it is usable for your plants many times high intensity lights are in close proximity a veg space near a flower space. Highly usable light :wink: this where the rule came to be also from the concept of discretion and sunlight as many old growers will tell you they prefer running their lights at night meaning blacked out windows

In general what I am trying to say is certain levels of light are ok but best avoided but not to panic if the tiny red light on a power bar is on just think of how close our grow lights are kept to ladies to have decent effect.


They seem to be fine with moonlight when they flower outside, so there is a point where the light is low enough not to matter. Full moon on a clear night is 1 lux, which shows you how good our eyes are at dynamic range. I can read the newspaper under full moonlight Full sun is something like 120000 lux. That’s rather amazing performance, but it’s also why eyeballing a light source is useless.

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I put tape over the small light and the power switch, better safe than sorry.
Day 10 of flower…

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