Can jacks 322 be mixed and saved?

Just wondering if nutrients like jacks or other nutrients can be mixed, partially used and saved to use the remainder say a week later…

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You’ll get a PH swing by it resting for a few days or more. I mix and feed same day. Some rest their tap water as a way to declorinate before adding nutrients :love_you_gesture:


Yes, but the pH of the solution will tend to move upward as time passes.


I used Jack’s in coco last grow and mixed 5 gallons, pH’ed to 5.8. It would drift up to 6.0ish by day 3, but it was used by then. No issues with the plants though. I’ve heard it can be mixed and stored up to a week. Haven’t gone that long though.

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So just readajust ph. The nutes wont go bad right?

Reason Im asking is I will start feeding in a week and I dont think I can be very accurate with mixtures less than 1/2 gallon.
My 2 plants are two weeks old come Saturday and to avoid getting root bound I will place in final pots. A gallon for 2 small plants wilk be too much and I hate to waste these nutes.

Most growers like to mix their nutes just prior to feeding. I don’t know there is any research to define what happens over time other than pH drifting.

Here’s why it drifts. The solution absorbs CO2 as it sits. Part of the dissolved CO2 converts to carbonic acid, which drives pH up.


Co2 absorbtion even if closed airtight?

Perhaps if in a vacuum, yes. Restricted airflow should improve things, even if no vacuum exists.

Well as long as stored solution dont go poisionus or something, ph rebalance isnt a problem. A couple drops of lemon juice in 500 ml will drop 7.2 ph tapwater down to 6.7 ph.

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What Im doing now is getting an idea on these 2 plants is when to pot in fabric my 6 plants to grow outdoors around may 15.
Trying to get an idea when to start my seeds for then.
If anyone read my questions about outdoir grow in my garden a few weeks ago heres an update.
I have 42 sunflowers started and in 2 weeks are 6 inches tall.
I have 8 pear tomatoe plants that are about 3 inches tall and some 24 to 30 inch marigolds about 3 inches tall us 8 more getminating.
Most of this is camo for my 6 WW Autos I will grow.

Sunflowers will germinate and pop thru soil in 3 days!