Can ilgm produce more strains of auto's?


love you ppl at ilgm but i have a serious question. are you going to be making new strains of auto’s in the near future?


They added four new auto strains just a couple of weeks ago. I imagine more will be on the way. It’s becoming a very popular choice!


that’s great, can’t wait. i was looking to purchase bubblegum and amnesia haze auto’s. i tried growing last year 1 plant for the 1st time and i got some bud rot but managed to get 2 ounces off the plant. it’s all new to me


You’ve come to the right place. The folks here can definitely help you hone your skills! :smiley:


This would be a good question to put forth to our support team but new strains require a time to stablize genes and confirm seeds and strain are stable. Meaning patience ILGM has added dozens of strains in the last year I would expect they likely have more in test phase as we speak