Can I wrap plastic around plants without harming them?

We’ve have a couple of nights in the low 50’s and might have a cold September. I enclosed the bottom of my outdoor trellis with heavy clear plastic wrap. The flowers are all up top of trellis except for one lower one on left side of picture. When the temperature drops again, say in the 20-30-40, can I put a top layer of plastic up so just the tops of the flowers are free of it. If it got really cold I’d have to cover all of it and uncover if it warmed up. I’m just a little afraid of mold or if the day warms up the plants bake. What do you think?

you can cover,… just be sure to uncover before it gets warm or the plants get direct sunlight… this is a tricky time of year to grow in some areas, have to be diligent.


@Oak, that was well put my man…keep on token.

Not sure of what time that pic was taken but if she is early morning and bright light doesn’t come to later on in the day you will eventually run into mold issues whenever you grow outdoors you want the sun to hit you first thing in the morning until about 1:30 to 2 o’clock in the afternoon and then be in the shade this will help you as far as mold goes because it will break off the permafrost first thing in the morning and allow your plants to dry out before they actually get the good son and then by the time of the middle of the day shaded sun is just as well as broad daylight Sun…


My plants get morning sun and some afternoon sun. The angle I took this picture from is the backside, doesn’ get much sun because of woods on west side of us. So far I only have the bottom of the wood trellis Lined in plastic. (Stapled on) I thought this would keep the wind from blowing through. I can add a second tier of plastic yet on top of this because the flowers are taller than the plastic would be. I’m just waiting for the colder weather to set in. I’m also covering the plants with black cotton material to help quicken the flowering. I’m not sure what to do with the open top when temps dip? Can I just use my black cotton fabric to Lay over the plants or can I staple the whole wood trellis with the plastic if temps stay below 30 degrees?

If you want to protect the plant by placing plastic around the trellis that is fine. Make sure you have a way for hot air to escape. Do not wrap the actual plant :slight_smile:

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