Can I water cure my pot in my rain barrel

Can I water cure my pot in my 55 gal rain barrel.

Wtf…? :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I definitely don’t understand the question… :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:

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Glad I am not the only one who doesn’t understand. LOL

Sorry. I have been rain harvesting in my 55 gallon rain barrel.
I want to water cure my newly harvested buds.
There are different methods of water curing.
Just curious if this one would work.

I’d be interested in hearing how that works. Since the curing process takes place after drying, I don’t understand how it could be done in water.

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Are you talking about washing after harvest? I do. I put a cup of hydrogen peroxide in a 5 gallon bucket of water and “swish” the branches in it then swish in clean water and lay on paper towels. Then I give them a light trim, sugar leaves ( keep these) and fan leaves throw away or Inyo compost heap. Then hang upside down to dry then a final trim. The last harvest received rave reviews on how smooth and tasty the smoke was. One said hadn’t had that smooth for years. It was a white widow CBD. It tested at 11% THC 5 % CBD. Don’t know if the washing produced this smoothness but I’m going to do it all the time now.


I know what you’re talking about… but idk how to water cure. Or how it works at all. I’ve only heard of it… but I’m sure there’s somebody in here that knows about it.


never tried it and I’m not sure I’m brave enough.


Learn something new every day…
Never even heard of it before and I’ve been at this hobby for a long time and have plenty of friends that grow…
I don’t like the sound of no taste or flavors…
I think I’ll just stick to oldschool curing and drying…
But you never know , I might just try it because I’m curious like that… :+1::wink:


No you need fresh water going in constantly to get rid of the old chlorophyll full water never done it myself but have read up on it and it says it takes away almost all taste and smell

LMAO, what the h@ll, my joulers loop can’t even read that small print… :joy::joy: na, j/k
But dang…lol

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I’ve water cured before, just to try it, did it with about half an oz of bud. After harvest I cut the buds off the stem and let them sit in RO water for 24 hours, changed out the water after 12 hours. Made for some very smooth smoke, almost too smooth, felt like it lost a lot of terpenes, there was an oil slick on top of the water.


Thats like a big friken nope from this hill billy. Not goona do it. Id make bubble hash out of my dope before I did that.


Water curing is a thing but sounds like a gimmick or a massive screw up. Followed up by it totally works. File this under no.

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I have never tried it, but seems like in only 11 days instead of 30 days or more You can smoke and sill retain the same THC levels.

It says that this method is only for you to consume and not a method you should use if you are selling your product because it takes away the aroma and taste. So it must seem like a bad ideal right? That is until you are standing next to an old fart and getting higher than a kite. The only drawback is that you would have to control your over the top giggling under your serious persona.

No harshness + No Smell of marijuana that even My old boys, southern MO neighbors can detect.
You do know that they may just show up at your door for a Wednesday night bible study.

It says you take fresh buds and put them in a water container that you change every day for 7 days and then dry for another 4 days.
Takes away harshness and perseveres theTHC level in less than 12 days. And I can smoke without hiding out like I am a damn criminal.

My damn neighbors would brand me as a drug dealer. And the whole subdivision would call a homeowners meeting to see how to get ride of me and my kind.
I have a medical marijuana card that says I can grow my own stuff for personal use. So kiss my butt to all my neighbors right?
My neighbors would have the cops at my freaking door with a warrant that would say I am storing pounds of marijuana in my basement. Ya right. I wish.
These Good Old Boys mean business, and they will put the fear of God in Me if they smell my weed.

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Just read on till you see my comment that explains how it works and when it is a must or I can’t grow.

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Hey. Just read down until you see my little knowledge of this method.
And my personal experience with my neighbors that makes this the only way I can smoke my personal weed

I am with you.
Then only think is that you don’t shake it.
Try to be less invasive of the process
Handle with care-. MARK AS FRAGILE

That is the toxins that are bad and Not the THC.
The oil floating on top the water are toxins and the reason that cough like you have have the Corona virus. According to the research I have done on the water curing method and why you can’t grow in your house without this method.