Can i use open sesame and beastie buds and cha ching on my autoflower?

She’s beautiful, yea probably just feed that one week and see how she looks by the next week

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When you are counting days/weeks to help determine stages, feedings, harvest etc… Does the count start @ initial planting/germination or veg or what?

What are you trying to ask, when you should initially feed. If so in veg stage feed once 9th leaf node is out and open, as for feeding flower nutrients as soon as you flip lights to 12/12 and you want to slowly walk them out of veg nutrients while transitioning into flower

Feeding at 9th node depending on how healthy and fast they grow should be 2 weeks (or when embryonic leaves die off)

Nothing to do with feeding… I see posts that say “i am in day x or week x” … So to make sure i track properly (for future questions /issues)… When do i start the count?.. When they hit the soil?

I count when it is fully opened seedling. Day one

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Open sprout yes day one for sure


Last week I fed 3 times full strength week 8 fox farm. I used 1/2 tsp of beastie bloom and they were looking for more. I’ve been going full nutes since week 4 on their schedule.


I am looking to buy the Humboldt line. With their 8 week schedule, that would be perfect for autos. Do you have the entire line of Humboldt?

Do u like the humboldt nutrients?

I don’t have them yet. I have the complete Fox Farm tho. I will buy that line 2 at a time over the next few months in time for my winter grow.

I wasn’t gonna do a winter grow but this heat damn. I might find it easier to heat the area than cool it I found a line of organic nutrients but forgot the name(of course) I thought it was ancient organics but Google just brought up ancient organics ghee butter. Anybody know of an organic line that sounds kinda like ancient organics?

Ancient forest is a really good soil i know about. Its really good stuff.

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Have been looking. It appears everyone has something that sounds like ancient organics. I’ve seen four different companies have it. The one I’m thinking of has a less than flashy packaging.

I count as soon as it breaks surface

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Age old organics. That’s what it was. Says they sell at fifth season haven’t been there yet - the fact that they are a big store across from the mall threw me probably got at lil hydro store I go to
Or Amazon has their bloom (5-10-5) 32oz for like $25 didn’t see how much you use at a time if it’s as little as dynagro that’d last a long while. Interesting though it said its not labeled as organic in CA because they don’t allow organic labeling on things that have minerals in it. Even though they are natural.

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Thats a nice looking plant
It reminds me of the early skunk

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Since everyone seems to be on the topic of nutrients, whats the thought on what I’ve got here:
Haven’t grown with AN before, thought id give them a try this year around, outdoors soil grower. Have also never used cal-mag. Anything I could add to this mix/hows the mix looking?


I had that for my hydroponic . My grow was not successful. to cold of water