Can i use mold shield from ilgm thru life cycle

Can someone plz tell me if i can use mold shield from ilgm thru the whole life cycle its hot during the day so 90 degrees but 69 to 75 at night and mold is high so i need to know how long i can use it and there in flowering stage rite now but i had to use it last night i dont want my buds tasting nasty im growing og kush super skunk and amnesia haze plz someone answer me cant find a answer no where

So I’m trying to find the product you are using. Is it called mold shield?

Their mold control has neem oil. You don’t want to use it during flower.

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Ive already did but its in early flower will it hurt it if i quit using it now and what should i use during flower

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You’re OK. I just started using Captain Jack’s Dead Bug. It’s a bacterium and doesn’t affect the plants at all. It will wreak havoc on the bugs though…

Are u sure there lil buds but im going to order some of that ive herd alot about it

Which Captain jack i see a couple of diff ones

I want to make sure i order the rite captain jack dead bug

I need something for mold not bugs though

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Safers defender is safe to use for mold during flower.

I’d stop using a couple weeks before harvest tho. Even tho it’s said to be safe to use till just before.
Might consider a bud wash at harvest as well.

And welcome to ILGM. :+1: