Can I use immature buds


I have some Leb27 growing outdoors, but because of a wet and cold summer they developed slowly.

My estimate is that they need at least 4-5 weeks to fully mature, but if not to loose everything to mold/bud rot I have to cut within 2 weeks.

What’s the best way to use these, if any? Is it worth it to make bubblehash?


My grow partner got antsy and insisted on major “pruning” the end of last month. I salvaged all the tiny buds; dryed and cured and smoking now. Maybe not as potent as down the road but not bad either :blush:


You can harvest early but the quality will not be great


I would push it as far as possible… get some frost blankets and throw them on at night… :wink:
Do everything that you can to not have to chop them down early… :wink:
Early chop = $hity taste , no weight and a paranoid high if any… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:



Humidity is a killer. Cool, damp nights and rainy days destroys the buds fast.

And yeah, paranoid high is what I’m afraid of. Someone suggested making keef with dry ice?


I feel your pain… not sure how big your plants are… maybe you could build a simple box out of 3/4 pvc and wrap it in some clear plastic with a few holes 2/3 up off of the ground for ventilation… :wink:
Turning it into Keif or hash isn’t going to be any better… it’s still going to be medicine that was chopped down to early… :wink:
Hopefully you can figure something out…

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Dunno about that paranoid high. I had a branch with baby buds that split off and my son tried them. No paranoia, just a mild gentle high.


My experience also. My main paranoia is getting caught growing in an unfriendly state :grinning:


Thanks guys!

Better to order some bubblebags and try with dry ice than to throw it all away I guess. It’s not that expencive to give it a go, about $40 for bags and ice.


I say go for it . At least you will get some kind of return might not be top shelf but should be decent .



I dried a small sample bud and it was ok actually.

Nice sativa high to combine with a couple of beers. Social, clear high, made me talk alot.

Had a mixup so I don’t know which of the two strains I tried, but I’ll definetly jar this one up and use in social settings.


I’m glad to hear that. I’m enjoying the heck out of the early trim buds, but I’m also looking forward to trying the more mature buds in a few weeks. :blush: I just can’t see wasting anything salvageable :+1: