Can I use green undried leaves? Need help now


I need to make something quick.
Last night I thought my brother was going to have a nervous breakdown.
I am growing 4 plants in hopes it will help him, but they are not flowering yet.
I am going to cut one in half and try to make a tincture of the stems and leaves, with olive oil. Tonight.
The stems and leaves are green. Do they have to be dried out first?
I have the you-tube vids to follow, but it looks like everyone is using dried plant material.
Any tips or help appreciated.


boy @Supernoobie,i’m not sure that will help so much… @blackthumbbetty @mulegal @highcountrygal
@MAXHeadRoom can you folks elaborate on this topic? @garrigan65


forget the oil. take the whole leaves and stem and run them through a juicer, give him this. itll prob be the best option right now. seeing as there isnt much resin or cannabinoids yet. and even after harvest, juice all trimmings and such.


What is your brothers disorder? If all the active ingredients are in your flowers, why would you damage a plant to harvest ingredients that won’t even help him and ruin your potential yield.

Can you get some street weed?


he doesnt have to damage it to badly he could even juice the leaves he prunes. wont pack the punch of actual flower but should still be beneficial.


@garrigan65 @Donaldj @Countryboyjvd1971
Is there anything medicinaly beneficial in the fan leaves and stems or is it just wax starch and chlorophyll


In desperation I have smoked fresh green leaves :leaves: considering I had not smoked in a year, I did catch a little buz. Today I pinched a decent small bud with some amber in it and just smoked part of it am I have a very decent buzz, btw it’s White Widow auto.


Also it’s a proven psychological fact that if you tell someone what you are giving the medication for it has like a ten to twenty percent increase in effectiveness.


Yea it’s called the placebo effect


There are healing properties in just fresh leaf clipped off of the vegging plants… not a hulicinagic , but a type of natural healing properties… :wink:
Very good and healthy for you…
Your body reacts to this plant in more ways then one… :wink:



Walmart sells CBD oil in a spray can


when tf did that happen? what a time to be alive!


I believe @bryan is talking about hemp CBD. I could be wrong but I live in a state where medical MJ CBD is legal but we have no dispensery. I tried the Hemp CBD. Didn’t do it for me.


I got hemp oil online and also a cbd oil for Greenways in Florida.
I’ve been dosing my brother daily for 4 months. It’s not helping him.
Might be ok for some ailments, I’ve seen the you-tube videos about its success stories.
My brother has cerebral palsy, with worsening spasms of neurogenic bladder and also the throat ( choking hazard). As well as a psychiatric reaction to stress. It becomes a real cluster**** on some days.
I am convinced if he could achieve a serious level of relaxation, he could get through these episodes which occur every few days and last 8 1024 hours. So that’s what I am doing here. My plants are not mature yet, but I have cut some leaf and stem in hopes of making some oil infusion.
I get impatient; the question I posted yesterday was “one of those days”. No, I cannot get street weed and he will not smoke. It will be edibles or infusion, which I am perfectly capable of making.
I got the impression from yesterday’s post the trim I want to use isn’t going to do anything. Well since I’ve already cut it, I’m going to still try an oil recipe as soon as its dried a bit. Thanks everyone for your help and support. I’m not feeling out there on my own because of this blessed forum!


you could also try, making oil with some, and juicing the rest. start giving him the entire spectrum of the plant.


If you can get street weed, you csn make oiils, tinctures, and edibles with it, then allow the plants you’re growing to reach proper maturity.


@Supernoobie @Rumpl3G3n3tix
@blackthumbbetty, @MAXHeadRoom

There is four things from the plant that you can use.
You’ll need a small shredder to toss the stem of the plant into to chop it up .
Then there are all the fan lea.
Then you have all thoughts small leafs and then there is our favore, the bud.
Each of these will give you a different type of high.



I have gotten the idea from reading that the only thing that gives a high is the bud. ?
I am waiting on a bag of trim I cut out of the tallest plant.
How long to dry out or does it not have any potency al all right now?

I cut it three days ago.
Can I chop and decarb now?
Can’t get street weed.
Just want to help my sweet bro relax.


If you can get a few going and get a good harvest of autos could be done in as fast as 70 days depending on conditions