Can I use Feit Electric LED lights in my small indoor grow

I have two autoflower plants growing in 15 gallon pots in a small indoor green house (abt 19" depth, 27"wide and 30"tall). Currently I am using two Feit Electric A21 Selectable Spectrum LED bulbs.

So far my plants seems to be doing really well, looking very green and happy. I am also growing a few Zinnia flowers in the tent as well that also look like they are doing well.

But as I learn more about PAR/PPF readings, I am worried that these lights don’t have enough power and tht I’d get better growth with something like a MARS hydro TS600. I’d love to get a couple smokable ounces per plant. What do you think, is it possible with these lights or do i need an upgrade?? Link to the lights, and a pic of one of my plants below***

Feit Electric A21 Lights sold by Home Depot

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I’m not an expert but I’ve tried a 100 watt LED Bulb to start my plants. It started it but the plant got stretched because I used it for 8 weeks while I was flowering another plant in a different area under a 300 watt LED. I’m never doing that again. I now have the plant I started under the 300 watt one and its doing much better. But now I have to modify my tent to be 7 feet tall so the plant doesn’t grow into my light. Choose wisely.

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Not going to be enough light to grow anything decent. A Mars TS600 would also be inadequate being only 100 watts. For a 3x3 tent, you really want to be closer to 260-300 real watts minimum for good bud density and yields. A HLG 260 rspec kit would be a great light for your space, they run about $360, or staying in the Mars Hydro line - something like the Mars TSW2000, which is a 300 watt light.

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Thanks for the input, decided to keep the small lights for a seedling/ early veg stage tent, and then bought a 2x2x4 with the ts1000 for a late stage veg into flowering tent. Now i can get two generations going at once, less time between harvests :metal:t5:

good point, been doing quite a bit of LST on the jack herrer specifically in anticipation of the big preflower stretch i hear they have, Got a second 2x2x4 tent with a mars ts1000 for flowering, hoping this’ll be enough to get some nice flowers off of them :crossed_fingers:t5:

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Man I bought a 4 pack of Leon lite 48w grow lites for like 120 on Amazon and they did my girls wonders so I bought two more 4 packs lol I currently am running 6 of them in my 246 tent and I have 6 and a older mars hydro 600 the big bulky green one lol and they do wonderful 100w is plenty for first 2 weeks as seedling after that you deff want some more power ——perfect ph/nutes you will get 1gram per watt so this depends what ya want beware of cheaper leds as they will say 1000w. But if you look close they will only pull 136w that’s your true number