Can I use Cut-to-Fit Carbon Pad over my passive intake?

To help block light from coming in or leaving the tent. The Cut to Fit Carbon Pad in question is this one from Amazon. Cut to Fit Carbon Pad

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That looks like a great idea! It might reduce your airflow some, so I would keep an eye on the temp after installed, but it is an air filter.

You may have to speed up your exhaust fan to overcome the pad and pull in the same amount of fresh air. Good luck

I’m thinking about only covering 1 or 2 of the passive intake vent, Is it ok to leave all 3 vents open? I have 1 in the back of my tent as well that I won’t need to cover as it’s almost against the wall.

If you see the sides of the tent sucking in…need to adjust to get more air flow.

hey I personally myself only leave one at at the bottom of the tent open. I place a 6 inch flex pipe and pull the Puckers strings tight. I bend it 2 or 3 times like a snake turn the lights off in the room and make sure you see no light coming out. you can place your hand buy the flex pipe and feel it pulling fresh air in. With exhaust fan running. Tent zipped up. you want to keep negative pressure inside tent. you could leave more holes open if you like I personally see no need. are you pulling your fresh air from the inside of the house. I hope this helps good luck if you have anymore questions feel free.

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Yes pulling in fresh air from within the house but exhausting outside through window

sounds like a good plan . happy growing

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