Can I use Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to clean my grow tent?

I’m at harvest and I plan to clean my grow tent so I can start a new grow. I do have some kitchen countertop disinfectants. I do not have Bleach or Hydrogen Peroxide at hand, so I’d have to go buy it at a store.

I have used both bleach and hydrogen peroxide to clean my grow rooms. I don’t prefer the bleach due to the odor. Hydrogen peroxide is my grow room disinfectant of choice. I clean the grow rooms and tents after every grow.

I have never used Clorox Disinfecting Wipes so can not comment on them.

I never get bleach near my growing plants.

Hey Merlin!! I’m just about to start my second grow and I want to disinfect my tents/water jugs/ect…do I spray everything with 3% Hydrogen peroxide and let it air dry? Do I have to dilute it at all?


It will work either way, I usually put a cup of hydrogen peroxide in a couple of gallons of water for cleaning things up.

Ok, thank you so much!