Can I use a different soil when transplanting root bound veg stage


I need to repot my plants which are in the late vegetative stage. I ran out of the organic soil that I made. I need to buy some and am thinking about Fox Farm Ocean Forest. Can I use this which is different from the soil that the plants are currently in? Thanks


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Thank you I will go to the store and get some.


Okay I have the FF happy frog. I transplanted one into a 7 gallon pot. It was so root bound in the 5 gallon pot that I loosened the bottom roots just a little. Now I have 2 other plants that have to be transplanted into 7 gallon pots with FF happy frog. Should I loosen the roots a little like you would when growing other root bound plants? I don’t want to make a mistake. Again they are in the late stage of the veg growth. I have to wait for the other ones to enter the stage where I begin to flower but they are all okay because I planted them 5 weeks later. I was waiting on the seeds from here and that is why I need to repot the older plants. Thank you again


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I am so done with the veg stage. Ready for something new. Thanks for the information. I think I will give the girls that I transplanted a good look to see how they survived after a few days. Thanks again


Thank you for your advice. I love the soil and so do my girls. They never would have made it through the flowering stage without the transplant. They will be in the 4th week of flowering on Monday.