Can I use 5 gallon buckets?


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I’m growing 2 seedlings that are entering the veg state. I have them in little quart cups but looking to put them in their final 5 gallon containers. Was thinking of going to Home Depot and using a couple HD buckets for planters. My questions are, can I use 5 gallon buckets and second question is what’s the make up of the bucket? I mean, do I drill a couple drain holes in the bottom, fill it with about 3 inches of planting rock then the soil I’m going to use or does it need to be all soil? Don’t drill holes? Do? I know I’m micromanaging my very small crop but I really want to make sure I’m doing this correctly.


5 gallon pots are perfect. I recommend using fabric pots. You can get them on amazon reasonable. Otherwise, if you use plastic pots, drill a few holes on the bottom and around the sides as well. More holes = more air to roots = happier roots


These work better and most of us use them
Hd charges 3-4 bucks per bucket
Here you get 5 for under 10


Do I still need to put rock on the bottom when using the bags? BTW - thank you for pointing me to Amazon for the bags. Should have been obvious but didn’t even think of looking them up on Amazon.


That would be your choice. I dont think many of us put rocks on bottom, doesn’t mean it won’t help or be benefical.


Cloth buckets are the best way to go. Get the ones with handles.
Plastic buckets will work, but, unless you get black buckets…choose a darker color.
With plastic buckets…cut 5-------1.5" triangular holes around the bottom for drainage. One inch of rocks would help drainage as well. drilling numerous holes around the side would help aerate roots.
The successful grow does require research, information, decisions and quality components.
So read, learn, decide and learn from your experiences. Asking questions here, with pics is a good way to learn. read the other postings…you might see useful information.
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You don’t need rocks at the Bottom of the pots
With soft pots the roots air prune them selves so root bound situation doesn’t happen @Coloradogreen
I use promix Bx myself from start to finish
But any mix that has perilite should do well fir drainage you can always add a little more perilite to what ever medium you choose
But you can add them if you wanted
Make sure they are sterilized before addingbthem to the mix tho wouldn’t want to introduce anything to the garden