Can i use 1 gallon pot for outdoor plant?

Yeah I know what you mean. I’m not real familiar with tent grows but I do have a 24’x36’x8.5’ grow area where I usually start my seedlings and grow them through the cold months then set them out in the field. I can’t give each one special attention. I started at age 9 growing in the reservation. There’s no restrictions on it there since we’re not part of the United states but a sovereign nation, Souix nation. My wife was Cherokee that’s why I moved here to the Blue Ridge beside the Great Smokey Mountains where the Cherokee reservation is. This is the last crop, 2017,We grew there.South west side of the mountain, community field, any native of that specific reservation can go pick what they need to last them until next harvest and have never had a problem with,.greed, theft or U.S
. government. Hippy growing


Actually a 3’x11" box and a couple cheap amazon lights

That is some of the most down to earth stuff iv heard in a while a community field that is awsome im the same way with what ever im lucky enugh to grow i give away to people that need it and just cant grow anymore. Iv grown a lot sold none

The bigger plants are seed straight in to soil the good old fashion way

That’s Some Buds, Nice :100::sunglasses:

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