Can i use 1 gallon pot for outdoor plant?

What are the Pros and Cons of using 1 gal pots for outdoor plants from people who have experience. I transplanted most of my plants in 3 and 5 gallon pots but i still got 6 more in 1 gallons and i dont want to transplant them . I have enough plants . But im thinking i could continue to grow them in 1 gallon but im afraid ill have to water them alot . Anybody have any thoughts? Thanks you guys


You will have to water a lot. It also makes it more difficult to manage pH and PPM. I’ll even stick my neck out and say that you will have a more productive plant in a larger pot.


Definitely that, for sure.


You’ll be watering a ton. I was watering 5 gallons bags twice a day 2 summers ago. I really don’t suggest it. Up pot them into bigger vessels, your plants will thank you.


They will become rootbound and turn yellow, at least 5 gallon pots, even then they may stick to the ground with roots running through the drainage holes, You can always plant in the ground works for me


Root binding is a great herm trigger. It is a way I test my seeds. It is right up there w light leaks.

I do this on purpose to stretch monsters (second run) to dwarf them masssively. But as others said the plant will need watering 3-4 times a day on a hot summer day. I put them all in a kiddy pool and flooded it 2-3” every couple days w the hose. Otherwise they would die from too dry. If you have a drip irrigation system it would be very helpful here.

It’s doable, but presents some challenges outdoor. It makes sense if you are pheno hunting a seed run for winners. Not looking at the harvest size.


@noddykitty1 you are by far, in my opinion the most knowledgeable person on this board. You are not only a master grower you are a master teacher and whether these other guys will admit it or not we all feel humbled in your presence.


Ha, thanks for the kind words. I remember sprouting my first seeds in 7th grade then going ok, what do I do now? We all start somewhere.

I am humbled every time I jump onto this forum at the knowledge and experience here. I am just a small fish in this sea of knowledge. I bet one autodidact here could rival the best hemp degree from the best agricultural universities in the world.

Experience can only be gained by doing. I try to not comment on threads I don’t have dirty fingers to tell stories from.


Bigger roots = bigger fruits.


I love 1 gallon pots. You’ll see me often as the fan of small containers. I go from a 6oz solo to an 18oz solo. Often I’ll stop there. Sometimes I’ll go up to 1gal pots. Size is not limited by the container, if you have plenty of time to wait. If they’re autos, just put em in the largest pot you’re comfortable with.

That said, for outdoors, I’m never going smaller than 5 gallons. One day outside will dehydrate a 5gal pot, even in the early spring. A 1gal pot would require multiple waterings a day. If you’re home all day, no big - if you’re busy, an auto-watering system (blumats) would be a worthwhile investment if a small container is critical.


I have some still in gallon pots, There in need of transplanting


Agreed… I use 3 gal…and 5 gallon…I think I got the 3gs from A pot for Pot one my first grow 2019..I was a mere novice then... :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I bought the rest from stores I have 3-5-10 and my massive back breaker 45 (I think) for my Photo two years ago.... I grow 99% autos So I use the 3-5 & 10.. Depending on the strain..the pheno and whatever else factors in The 5s do good and the 10`s sometimes better…The 3 and 5 of course are so so easy to move around when and if I have to…actually the 10 is too just heavier…The big 45 OMG…no no…I strained my back once…But the Photo Romulan was well over 6ft tall…@NIP those in the 1gal are impressive…!!


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Sorry for the weird highlighted whatever looking type set… I don’t :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: know why it does that…?


1 gallon pots are great for me to get a rootball, just not enough space to continue there life outside, I planted too many this year, I need to give these away i already have 12 in the ground if they grow right I’ll have a pile of weed , see how they turn yellow when the roots bind up they need more space


For photos, i probably wouldn’t go smaller than 15 gal for its final home unless you start seeds late in the season and want to keep them small. I had one in a 10 gal pot last year and needed to pot up by the time it was starting to flower.


I just transplanted 2 rootbound in gallon pots now I have 13 plant’s, That’s going to keep me real busy this summer, I took a picture of what can happen growing in gallon pots, but perfect for establishing a nice rootball

Planted in April


Nice roots. That’s a good start.
4 th April for me.
I’m in 3 gal bags with bout 2 gal ish + of mix.
When they go in the 30’s I use they’ll be full like ur pic.

Happy summer season. . :v::+1:


I’m looking forward to seeing those Nice Looking Plants you Grow, Hope you get some Nice Buds :+1:


Thanks brother.
You get some pretty fine ones yourself. :joy:
Prayin for a better finish for us all this year. :pray:

Damn bud rot got a lot of us hard last year.



I hope so , i fought powdery mildew until I just gave up and chopped early, I been spraying the crapp out of them so hopefully I can stop it , The weather doesn’t seem to be on my side this year, just had a flood of rain layed my Gelato plants down, but there slowly riseing up , Still Cloudy need some Sun :sun_with_face: