Can I transplant just started to flower

Can I transplant when the plant has started flowering?

Yes, but what size pot is it in?

She’s really small to start flowering, did something go astray?

It’s just a small one. I transplanted outta of the really small one a month ago

I would go into a 5 gallon if you think you will keep her in the current t light cycle.

If you are going to try and reveg(not sure if it’s an auto), then go 10 gallon.

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sure, just do a clean transplant into a 10 gal pot and she’ll be fine

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Do you think I should start giving it the bloom nutrients?

If you believe that she will stay in flower based on the light cycle you are providing, yes.

But, most don’t give bloom nutes until the stretch is over. Usually last 2-4 weeks.