Can I top long term clones?

It’s been 3 weeks in clone, no room as I get stuff set up, can I top clones in a cloner setting? They will be under fluorescent lighting for 1-2 more weeks. Can I top them and expect expansion off of the node set I trim?

You’re getting vegetative growth in your cloner? Damn.

I’ve never left clones long enough to do anything but grow roots! What’s the long term plan for these - hydro or soil/soilless?

I don’t like to top clones til they’re rooted and established in their permanent growing media

How many nodes u got on them clones?? I’m a happy camper just to get rooted clones, to transfer, so I can start playing god. Ain’t never heard of such barbaric tactics, but the tag says it all, u don’t learn otherwise correct?

Sound 2 young , pictures

One thing I’ve experienced with my aero cloner is cuts that spend 3 weeks in there oftentimes the main growing tip will wither and die off and get crunchy. The cut will still root usually and will grow properly once rooted. It just sorta grows as if it was topped… self topping if you wanna call it that.

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I will be placing a couple and soil and a couple in Hydro. Sending pics of the roots right now

Fogponics cloner (DIY)


I’ve had a couple do that but my light is set to a particular height to cover the 60 clone setup. I was wondering so, when they hit the max height, I don’t have a problem with light burn and cellular degradation being that close to the blue leds around my fluorescents.

Well hell if they’re that good looking and vigorous maybe they can take a topping. Those are much healthier and way larger than clones I usually take. Look great.