Can i take clones when plants are 4 week old?


I’m growing some marijuana indoor from seeds. When the plants get to four weeks old or so, can I take clones off of them?

Yes, you can. You can even force flowering in the clone. The mother plant and its clone will have identical genetics and will react in very much the same way to the environment.



Taking cuttings and rooting them are the key to a long and prosperous investment, having procured quality genetics. With that said…Consider this…

Instead of just sprouting, vegging, flowering, harvesting genetics;

Propagate seed, and nurture it into a seedling. After 3-4 weeks in veg, depending on foliage; Take a cutting to root and veg for a week or 2, then place it into a 12/12 photo period as described above, (forced flowering).

This will enable you to build a perpetual grow; Whereas, You can cull your male plants. (unless you want to keep them in a veg state for breeding); And, Keep the female plants in perpetual veg, (Moms), taking cuttings whenever you want to start a new cycle.