Can I super-crop or otherwisse top this plant?

White Widow under flourescent tubes, most of the 2700k, after tomorrow all will be 2700k. Photoperiod reduced from 18/6 to 12/12 last week when I changed the bulbs.

I would like to top these back, either doing a FIM, or super-cropping, or pinching out the leads, in order to keep the branches from growing into the bulbs.

TLDR: if a plant has pistils, is it too late to trim or top?



Yup, but that plant looks pretty sparse and spindly. I’d be careful.


Thanks. I had two in that setup, I transplanted the other one outside a couple days ago to give this one more room to fill out. I was hoping that I could help it along.

I’ve got other plants outside, and this year is really experimentation for me, so I’m trying a few different things. I don’t really get high that often so I’m not worried about a huge yield. It’s really just for fun, because I love gardening.

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You’re in flower and past transition of flower….I wouldn’t top or fim at this point


Listen to @grizZz It’s too late to fim/supercrop/top. Just do LST and get the bud sites out from under each other


Too late to top…


I think it was a good idea to split them up…it seems like your light isn’t strong enough for both…not being rude or critical just trying to help you

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I appreciate all the advice. Yeah the lights are pretty weak. It’s a modification of my veggie-seed late-winter starting setup. The lights are great when really low over the seedlings, but obviously very weak when farther away.

With these two plants I was having to raise the lights every day, the plants were growing that quickly. The one I put outside is looking much better than this one. Fortunately I have several other plants outside, in grow bags, and no lack of buds.

I did a super-cropping of this plant yesterday before I saw the replies advising against it. So we will see what happens. If it turns out a dud, no problem, I learned something.

I have seven or eight more WW fem seeds which I might try again over the winter, maybe get an LED light, a good one with 4x4 coverage. Maybe I’ll try the SoG or ScroG method just for fun.


I bend(supercrop) branches all the time. I usually bloom an extra 10 days if I do it during flowering days

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Here’s that plant now in my new grow tent with SonoFarm2000 LED.