Can I still trim my plants after 1 1/2 into flower?

Hi all.
I flipped my lights to a 12 - 12h cycle about a week and a half ago. But the plant are very bushy again. Can I do a final trim so var into flowering?


A lot of growers recommend to wait until day 21 for the first defoliation after flipping to flower.

Edit: nice plants!!

Thank you. Alot of love went into the plants so don’t want to mess them up now.

Looks like your good!! I’d wait til day 22 to defol, then you can do another round day 42 if they get bushy again. I usually continually defol a lil even after that.

Good luck and keep us posted how these buds look!

Why do you want to remove leaves from bushy plants? What do you mean to accomplish?

Exposing lower bud sights to light of course… I’ve done it both ways if you grow a plant all natural with no training at all not necessary whatsoever but if you train heavy like me if you want more buds than just the tops you do need open that canopy up a bit… also the biggest benefit is to help with air flow less chance to get mold and diseases

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Not just the leaves but some sucker branches as well. The leaves that I want to trim is only the ones growing over the other buds not to much, I know they need the leaves to generate energy. But was scared that it wil have a negative effect on the plants.

Thank you for the feedback! Feel more at ease now.

No problem outdoors the sun light has the ultimate penetration those of us who grow indoors even with the best lights on the market need to do some defol to increase penetration into the plant no grow light can compare to the sun
Edit also important to leave as many leaves as you can you want the light to penetrate but leafs also build buds

I remove long stemmed fan leaves from mid plant down and also any unwanted secondary branches. throughout the first weeks of flower. I am guessing maybe 5% every couple of days. I do not remove much from the top unless I can’t tuck them out of the way. Then I do a major defoliation on the 21st day.
Major to me, probably fairly conservative to others.
This is an AK-47 before day 21 defoliation

And after. Not nearly as severe as I have seen others do.

So dit the final trim and this is the results. Thank you for everyone’s help.