Can I still take clones?


Hey guys I have a candy kush plant and I eant to take clones from her but she turned in flowering by herself…I didnt even switch the light to 12/12. I wonder if I still can take clone from her…she is like in week 1 of flower I would say


Outside or inside?


If it’s an autoflower do not clone it. Only clone photoperiod plants :v:


Inside and no its not an auto…I asked royal queen seed and they told me it wasnt an auto plant


420 ok if u are on a 18/6 or a 16/8 light schedule and she went to bloom on her own then she is a auto flower that is only way that she would auto bloom on u other then that the only way that they would flower is on a 12/12 schedule so I would say it’s a auto flower don’t clone it


Well okay…thank you


I really dont get it…“photoperiod” it cant be an auto ahaha


They might have mixed up the seeds when they sent them but like I said only way for switch on own is if auto or light is 12/12


Can u link a photo so we might get a better look


Does it looks like begining of bloom to you…?


Can someone helps?ahaha


She’s showing you that she’s a she and is sexually mature enough to start flowering whenever you’re ready to flip the switch


You sure??


Yes I am :wink:


Preflowers. Totally normal. You can take clones. As mattybear said, she’s ready for the switch to 12/12


Omg, thank you guys!


I took 6 of her and some on an other plant


Def flip she looks like it allrdy started and u said u haven’t flipped the switch she just flipped on her own a week ago with 18/6 lite schedule also if she is auto you are going to get nothing from clones u took off


I dont know we will see I guess…


Good luck with the clones! I have a couple that have been on 12/12 since rooting because I didn’t have the space. Here they are 4 days ago. I have to feed them again today. They are on the left