Can I still save my plant?

Hey guys I’m having problems with my plant it’s about 12 weeks and everything was going great until I got hospitalized after a car accident a few weeks ago and was barely home, long story short my brother was taking care of it but clearly didn’t do a good job and burnt the hell out of my girl :frowning:
I told him to feed the recommended dosage of the FF trio(I cut it into a 1/4 of the recommended dosage). Plus just water fed between feedings…
idk what he did but he completely messed up my first grow. Can I get some help on what should I do?
Auto flower Zkittlez
5 gal
Mars hydro 1000 light
FF trio(after first 6 week)
PH 6.3-6.8
Runoff ph 6.0-6.2
ppm 801

Any more info y’all need lmk
P.S yes im fine now, had to stay at my folks home to recover that’s why I wasn’t able to take care of my plant


It looks like she’s pretty far into flowering . Nothing can be done about the cooked leaves but looks like you have enough green to get her to the finish . Numbers look good. Just treat her good till the end :v:


She won’t be pretty,but she’ll smoke fine.Maybe a flush might help,but don’t quote me on that.


Somebody once told me, When a grow goes sideways To remember “we grow buds not leaves” :v::grin:


Yeah I was thinking of just flushing everything till the end no more nutes. I just feel like there’s no point of giving them nutes if there cooked like that lol. Thanks

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Hahahaha that’s true thank you, I was sad as hell and though it was over and not salvageable. But I’ll try to finish it out till the end… I’m back home so I’ll definitely try to take care of what’s left