Can I start fertilizing these plant their about 6 weeks old

Can I start using growing products??

You do not give plants nutrients until they have established 4-5 alternating nodes of trues fan leaves. This will prove to show that you have a root system.

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Yeah, I’d hold off just a little more until you’ve got the 4 nodes going. I always wait until the 5th node starts to form before I add nutes or transplant into nuted soil.

Thanks but can I still add root booster??

Mycorrhizal I think wouldn’t do damage. Not a hundred percent sure though. I never add it till I want the roots to grow like hell. I do three stages. four inch plastic pots, 6 inch plastic pots, 9 inch plastic pots. Early on the roots grow like hell anyway because I use germination soil to start them

That’s how have them going I just put them on a 1 gallon pot just to let them take off it’s my first time growing…but I’m about to get some seeds in blackberry KUSH and girls scout cookies Now I have a better idea on how to grow them